At one of the lakes at Sariska, we spotted a few large birds. I don't know their names. And unfortunately the one that was nearest to my lens was quick to fly away. I can't blame her though. I would have done the same in front of a camera! Happily, the blogging habit I managed to… Continue reading Escape



On a dry, hot October afternoon, the deer were relaxing in the shade of their little oasis. The way some of them stared at us, I can only imagine them gossiping about the wide-eyed trespassers and the ridiculous noises coming from those black things in their hands. This is post #25 in this year's NaBloPoMo, or as Ra calls it Nano Poblano NaBloPoMo = National Blog Posting… Continue reading Siesta

Much a-doe about a deer

The Sariska Wildlife Reserve was, at one point of time home to over 40 tigers. During our safari, our guide informed us that wildlife enthusiasts preferred Sariska over Ranthambore. Unfortunately, poachers felt likewise. Due to poor monitoring and rampant poaching, by 2004 there was not one tiger left in the Reserve. The lack of tigers… Continue reading Much a-doe about a deer

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treat

I've always had a soft corner for birds. But it's always been a challenge to photograph them near my house. They hardly sit still long enough to allow me to take a picture. The birds in the jungle though seemed to be quite extroverted. The Jungle Babblers, which are so restless in the city, didn't… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Treat

Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful

'Look! Peacock feathers! Can I take one to keep?' 'Wait! I'll get it! You must stay in the Jeep.' It's dangerous out there. Wild creatures only pretend to sleep. The woods are lovely, dark and deep. A poor imitation of a poem by Robert Frost Continuing with photographs from the Sariska Wildlife Reserve, here are… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful

I’ll take care of you

A group of monkeys crossed one of the roads next to the parked safari vehicles. More than one had a young one clinging on to her. This mother paused briefly to look over her shoulder, on the lookout for potential threats to the safety of her young one. In response to The Daily Post's writing… Continue reading I’ll take care of you

An (extra)ordinary cup of tea

As it happens, I misinterpreted this week's photo challenge. Let's set things right. Would you like a cup of tea? Just before our last safari in Sariska, we decided to eat lunch at a dhaba. There was a row of small houses with thatched roofs along either side of the road running along the perimeter… Continue reading An (extra)ordinary cup of tea

An extraordinary encounter

We took to the roads early morning and checked into our hotel just before lunch. While our rooms were being readied, we confirmed our safari booking. We then picked up the keys and headed towards the rooms. Our rooms were towards the back of the property in a separate compound. On entering, we were greeted… Continue reading An extraordinary encounter

Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries

This wooden stick is a crude fence built by a farmer to protect his crop of corn. Sitting at the edge of the Sariska Wildlife Reserve, the family of five has no need to be afraid of robbers. The odd tiger that pays them a visit every now and then, is quite a good security… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries