Which colour do you see?

Jigsaw Puzzle

There are some who look at the world in black and white. Others see the world in shades of grey. Some see bright colours. And some, muted hues and pastel. There are few who can see everything. There are fewer still, who can see the complete picture. And then there are those rare beings who… Continue reading Which colour do you see?


The Slate

The beginning of a new year in school was something I looked forward to. Leave the old imperfections behind and start a new quest towards perfection. Torn notebooks, lost textbooks, unfinished assignments, silly classmates, demanding teachers and scarier mathematics, none of these would matter in the new year. New books, new subjects, new teachers, and… Continue reading The Slate

The Journey


She took one step at a time. Every step growing more and more painful as the voices tried dragging her downhill. She fought everything - the voices, the forest, and her own body. Until she became numb. She took one more step. And then looked around her.

The Bouquet

By The Window

She had been uprooted from her home, decorated to highlight her appealing petals, and given away to indifferent people. In her new 'home', she sat quietly in a corner, waiting to be noticed. Her new family did not appreciate her. They had seen many more like her, and like all the others, she would be… Continue reading The Bouquet

Don’t study!!

As little kids, we're always told by our parents to study... Well, almost always. When I was small, my parents never really had much trouble with me as far as studying was concerned. But once every year, they had to tell me NOT to study!

The disease called cricket!

Warning! I am about to sound clich├ęd. But that's OK. You see, I am an Indian. And all Indians have this genetic disease. For anyone curious to know the various symptoms and effects of the disease, I hope this will provide enough fodder. Firstly, I am very excited about writing this. So much so, that… Continue reading The disease called cricket!

Holy water!

Imagine that it is the festival of holi. You're walking down the road and someone throws coloured water at you. How would you react? Right now, I can think of two broad possibilities. One, you take it in good humour and continue playing in the spirit of holi. The other option is that you get… Continue reading Holy water!

Self Evaluation Time

Past couple of days I've really been busy trying to evaluate the assignments I've done over the past couple of years. I thought I would collect all my work for a portfolio. Most of my stuff was scattered and I've been meaning to get a little organised for quite some time now. But for some… Continue reading Self Evaluation Time