The Owl

'Come, quick! You have to take a look at this!' My father's voice conveyed both his excitement and the urgency of the moment. We rushed to where he stood - at the door to the balcony. He signalled us to wait there and pointed outside. A huge white bird sat perched on the railing of… Continue reading The Owl


In Pursuit of Inspiration


A speck of dust A stitch on a rag The artist's note The labourer's hand The rainbow above A bug below Dense air around A journal unbound Can it be seen? Can it be heard? Pray, tell me! Where can it be found? This evening, inspiration came to me through the electricity. Or rather, the… Continue reading In Pursuit of Inspiration

Forces of Nature

A couple of weeks back, the Daily Post asked us to show forces of nature. While I did not have a photograph to show, I was inspired to paint something involving as many forces of nature, and a few forces that are influencing nature. How many can you identify? Who's the strongest of them all?

N and M

An artwork commissioned for newly-weds N and M. Wish you both a very happy married life 🙂 Inspired by the initials of their names and the date of the wedding.

When You Want Something

Achieve It

When I began sketching out the letters of this quote, my sister-in-law asked me. 'You really believe that...? You need to work your bum off to achieve things. The universe won't hand it to you on a platter.' This is a quote I strongly believe in. And so I defended it thus, 'No. Who said… Continue reading When You Want Something

The Good, Bad, and the Incomplete!

The Gift

The year in review

Happy Deepavali!

Diya Painting

Today, on the festive occasion of Diwali, I painted this little Diya... Here's hoping every home has a lamp, and a bright future. Wishing everyone a very happy, cracker-free and safe Diwali!

How To Destroy A Great Idea


Weekly Writing Challenge - And Now For Something Completely Different. DIY gone wrong.


Brushes and Pencils

The theme for this week's 'Weekly Photo Challenge' is happy.



Using a landscape image from the internet as reference, and under the guidance of our teacher, I painted this landscape. The paint reflected a little light, so I uploaded a little larger image, than the ones I usually upload, to compensate for the lack of clarity. As a result, it is likely that moire patterns… Continue reading Landscape