Words; They're funny little creatures. When you have no time They'll drive you crazy. When you least expect them They'll dance in your mind. You crave to indulge them And promise them your time. Only, when the moment arrives They become hard to find!


In Pursuit of Inspiration


A speck of dust A stitch on a rag The artist's note The labourer's hand The rainbow above A bug below Dense air around A journal unbound Can it be seen? Can it be heard? Pray, tell me! Where can it be found? This evening, inspiration came to me through the electricity. Or rather, the… Continue reading In Pursuit of Inspiration

Daily inspiration at the doorstep

As I prepare to step outside, I keep my phone camera handy. Click! I turn around and tell my mother how I interpret her drawing. In the 30 seconds it takes to get down the staircase, we have had a full conversation of the different ways in which we perceive the world around us. Amma's… Continue reading Daily inspiration at the doorstep