When life kicks you in the back

"So, how many months?" My spine arched backwards, my left hand supporting my lower back, I inched forward and into the physiotherapist's clinic, wincing with every slow step. "Oh no! I'm not pregnant!" I replied. A little embarrassed, the doctor apologised and asked me about my backache. "Four-five years?! Why on earth did you not… Continue reading When life kicks you in the back


Injecting sunshine?

Three hectic months. Two people*. One project.** We stumbled, fumbled, messed up, and from being way behind schedule, made a last minute dash towards the finish line. The hangover from our project took a month to get over, and our hard work paid off in the form of a third place award for 2D animation.… Continue reading Injecting sunshine?

Interview In A Dungeon

A few weeks back, I went for an interview conducted by a super secret unidentified company. Since I am still studying, and will probably want a job soon, I shall refrain from mentioning the name or location of the company. The interview was short - just a few questions like why I would want to… Continue reading Interview In A Dungeon