Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate

Luxury hotels tend to have a rather extravagant décor. Here are a few pictures I snapped using my phone a few months back at a couple of Delhi hotels. Click on the images to view larger size. In response to The Daily Post's weekly photo challenge: "Ornate." This is post #8 in this year's NaBloPoMo,… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate


WPC: Today Was a Good Day

Two Cakes

A photo story... Waking up to the smell of fresh filter kaapi The sight of beautiful flowers on my way to work Getting hands-on experience at work Attending productive meetings, seminars and conferences Coming home to see a dream come to life And to end a day on a sweet note, a cake -- or… Continue reading WPC: Today Was a Good Day

War and Peace

Large brass cylinders holding flowers -- they were always unique vases to me. It wasn't until several years had gone by, that I discovered that they were bombshells. I was talking to a friend of mine, when our discussion meandered towards the differences between our country and that of corruption-free nations. 'Those people out there,'… Continue reading War and Peace


For more intricate photos, visit the Daily Post's Weekly Photo Challenge - Intricate

Portrait of a Bouquet

She was a gem. And to capture her beauty was not something that was easy for me. She could hardly stand still. She kept running and tripping over herself just to avoid me. And in the end I gave up trying to take her picture. And instead just admired her.

The Bouquet

By The Window

She had been uprooted from her home, decorated to highlight her appealing petals, and given away to indifferent people. In her new 'home', she sat quietly in a corner, waiting to be noticed. Her new family did not appreciate her. They had seen many more like her, and like all the others, she would be… Continue reading The Bouquet

Teacher’s Day Out

Happy Teacher's Day

Today is Teachers' Day in India - in honour of Dr S Radhakrishnan. In the small primary school that my mother volunteers, the children come from poor* families, and are often ill behaved. While most of the other teachers resort to beating the children into being quiet, she doesn't believe in beating the kids. As a… Continue reading Teacher’s Day Out

Flaming Flowers!

Loudspeaker Lily

A few posts back I had written about spring and flowers. I had sketched out a hibiscus bud a few months back, and this month I drew the 'loudspeaker lily'. I folded a 'half-imperial' sized sheet and drew these on each half. They're approximately 24 cm in width and 33 cm in height.

The Taste Of Life

The summer has already set in and the heat is becoming unbearable. If its this hot in April, I fear to even think about May and June. The past couple of days, have been a little different though. Today, the wind is blowing hard. The sky is overcast, but there are some rays of light,… Continue reading The Taste Of Life

The friends I made during the year

3D model of a toy train - Ambient Occlusion

The last few hours of the year are here, and I find myself sitting alone... In search for company, I decided to rummage through some of the things I've been up to over the past few months... The end of yet another year... Here's wishing everyone a great year ahead... better than the year gone by...