The food channel comes home!

Having spent two nights in a hospital room with a poor WiFi signal, needles piercing my arms and eating some rather bland food, coming home was a heavenly feeling. The hospital wasn't all that bad. For starters, atleast we didn't have to cook, or worry about household chores. Then there was a large TV -… Continue reading The food channel comes home!


WPC: Oops!

Oops! We were a little messy with the chocolate sauce. Normally, I would apologise for the poor quality of the photograph. But since the Daily Post specifically asks us to share photographic (and/or photogenic) disasters,  I won't 😉 More chocolaty images from this series in the archives: Death by Chocolate. Have a sweet weekend!


A little student in my mother's class brought a gift for her. There was no occasion. But it was out of sheer love for her teacher. As is always the case with us, we admired the packaging more than the content 🙂

Death by chocolate!

Being late December, it was no surprise to see Christmas Trees decorating the airports of Delhi and Chennai. But I should have known the large candy sticks at the exit of Chennai Airport were more than just festive decorations - they were a sign of things to come! We ate out almost everyday. And for… Continue reading Death by chocolate!

Recipe for Disaster – Part 2

Chocolate Cake

Crack an egg I was about four years old, and it was the festival of holi. Standing in the balcony of an apartment on the ninth floor, I watched my brother drop water balloons on passers by... While we hadn't technically collaborated on it, by virtue of standing there, and watching with delight, I considered… Continue reading Recipe for Disaster – Part 2