From jeans to sleeves

From jeans to laptop sleeves. #Photos from a fun #recycling project. Photos edited with @befunky


The food channel comes home!

Having spent two nights in a hospital room with a poor WiFi signal, needles piercing my arms and eating some rather bland food, coming home was a heavenly feeling. The hospital wasn't all that bad. For starters, atleast we didn't have to cook, or worry about household chores. Then there was a large TV -… Continue reading The food channel comes home!


View of the snow-capped mountains surrounding the holy glacier at Tsomgo (also called Tsangu or Changu) Lake beneath cloudy skies. In response to the photo challenge on the Daily Post by Lignum Draco

Getting crafty

... and making a small mess in the process! Thanks to this great tutorial, a few clothespins, a pair of scissors and lots of glue, a few brown paper bags lying around the house got a makeover - a mid-week holiday well spent! And yes I used my finger to spread the glue and am… Continue reading Getting crafty

Learning Curve

For more curvy photographs, be sure to visit the Weekly Photo Challenge.

The time machine

This week, the guest at the Daily Post asks us to tell time. The challenge had me all excited and geared up! I have a fascination for gears and enjoy watching them at work. The way the individual pieces interlock; their movement harmonious and in-sync; and that rugged metallic look! These simple machines have stood the test of time (pun… Continue reading The time machine


Several years ago, my uncle gifted me a bead loom kit. Seeing the actual tools used to make bead jewellery got me excited. I couldn't wait for my holidays to start using it. My mother and I read through the manual and she assembled the loom. I drew out an elaborate design on the drafting paper provided with the… Continue reading Alphabet


This week's weighty photo challenge had me jumping with delight. A perfect excuse to share this picture I took at Anandagram last month. Anandagram offers a beautiful and serene environment to visitors. It houses 3 private museums housing traditional Indian household objects, terracotta and textiles from across the country. The buildings, styled like traditional houses,… Continue reading Weight(less)


Taking this week's Photo Challenge rather literally, my interpretation of 'Now': To see what others around the globe are doing this very moment, visit the Daily Post right now!

Gathering Knick Knacks

Those who know me, whether in person or via WordPress, know that I love collecting things in general - be it coins, rocks, feathers, chocolate boxes... And more often than not, the packaging of a product makes my heart jump for joy! Here's yet another addition to my ever-growing box of knick knacks! For more interpretations of… Continue reading Gathering Knick Knacks