Several years ago, my uncle gifted me a bead loom kit. Seeing the actual tools used to make bead jewellery got me excited. I couldn’t wait for my holidays to start using it. My mother and I read through the manual and she assembled the loom. I drew out an elaborate design on the drafting paper provided with the kit and had begun imagining a bracelet on my wrist!

It was only once I had drawn the grid for the design of my bracelet and begun weaving each individual bead into the loom that I realised the effort that is involved in beading.

I have always found it difficult to haggle with street vendors selling these kinds of bracelets. Having tried it out myself, I don’t even think of negotiating.

This one with my initial is one of the handful of bracelets I weaved on the loom.


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Stories, places, hobbies, musings, maybe the odd poem... Hopefully, all these seemingly random pieces will fit together one day to reveal the grand mosaic that the cosmic universe has planned for me.

3 thoughts on “Alphabet”

  1. Oh my gosh, I’ve made almost the identical bracelet, colors and “K” alike!!! But the loom came from a cousin!

    I’ve been addicted to beads my whole life. I blame a grandmother who allowed me to play with her broken costume jewelry starting at age 4!

    I could really relate to your stories! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Yaay! We’re experience twins! (I just made that up!) Amazing how we can have identical stories 🙂

      The writer inside of me squeals with joy when someone says they could relate with my story. Thank you 🙂


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