Come, fly with me…

A few years ago, I asked a couple of my friends to give me their favourite quotes. I had planned to make something out of the quotes and gift them. I wasn’t very happy with the results and decided not to give them.

I eventually gave one to my friend after she saw the post I wrote about it way back in October 2012, shortly after I had created it.

I pulled out the other quote by Victoria Moran today and realised that my friend does not even know I made this for her.
Quote by Victoria Moran

At the time I made this, it took me a long time to comprehend its meaning. I wasn’t sure why she liked it either. Now I can understand it. Because it resonates with me today, as it probably did with her, at that time.

nanopoblano2015lightThis is post #12 in this year’s NaBloPoMo, or as Ra calls it Nano Poblano

NaBloPoMo = National Blog Posting Month = Thirty straight days of blogging


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