An Attempt At Portrait



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Stories, places, hobbies, musings, maybe the odd poem... Hopefully, all these seemingly random pieces will fit together one day to reveal the grand mosaic that the cosmic universe has planned for me.

6 thoughts on “An Attempt At Portrait”

  1. you have been buggin me since morning to check your blog, n after a tiring day at training, i was so not in a mood of reading an article…

    surprise! its a sketch 🙂 , well not bad “my eyes are reaching to the distorted part” but i must say its one of the best portrait sketched by you, having seen previous attempts this one surely is big improvement. “Well DONE” 🙂 {except the left part of face :p}
    btw how long you did you make her sit?


    1. Well firstly, thank you! Secondly, I know the face is distorted 😛 and third, the main part of the face took about half and hour (so claims my model) but it could have been about forty-five minutes. But let me explain – as is the right of any amateur artist. She didn’t pose! I just had to make do with varying angles as she moved around – she didn’t know I was sketching her whole face. She thought I was only doing the eyes 😛 That said, she was super cooperative and supportive once she realized I was making her face as well! And yes this is by far the best portrait I’ve come up with – the others, as you know, being miserable failures owing to a severe lack of confidence. I hope I can make more – preferably better ones 🙂

      And lastly,Thank You for your appreciation 😀 It means a lot 🙂


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