Kalan Masjid


Kalan Masjid
Kalan Masjid, Chandni Chowk

The Kalan Masjid lies close to Raziya Sultan’s Tomb. A rather quiet place, somewhere inside a very crowded Bazaar. Built in 1387 by Feroz Shah Tughlaq, it is one of the oldest Mosques in Delhi.

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This post is part of, what appears to be, a series of short, sometimes confusing, posts.

Writing Challenge : Just Do It
Photo Challenge : Reflections
The Unsung Hero


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Stories, places, hobbies, musings, maybe the odd poem... Hopefully, all these seemingly random pieces will fit together one day to reveal the grand mosaic that the cosmic universe has planned for me.

9 thoughts on “Reflection”

  1. Beautiful, Kasturika. I love the framing, the lighting, and the “texture.” I also like how you knocked out two challenges in one. 🙂
    Interesting how the reflection is more beautiful than the reality. Of course, that is my own perception,but it is an interesting concept. Can we reflect ourselves better than “reality”?


    1. I looked at the picture from your perspective – and I realised something – the reflection not only looks more beautiful, but also reveals more than what we see as reality in this picture!

      Thank you for your appreciation 🙂 I’m kind of lazy with challenges so there you go 🙂


    1. Old Delhi is quite a fascinating place. If it is possible, you must try to visit. Preferably with a knowledgeable guide. And even if, for some reason Old Delhi isn’t possible, there is plenty to see in Delhi – with 3000 years of history, you will love it 🙂

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