Seashells and strings

Hanging Around!

I’ve mentioned a few times, my love for ‘junk’. Here’s something that we hang around with everyday 🙂 The shells here, have been collected, and passed down, over three generations! Hope you enjoy 🙂

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Stories, places, hobbies, musings, maybe the odd poem... Hopefully, all these seemingly random pieces will fit together one day to reveal the grand mosaic that the cosmic universe has planned for me.

4 thoughts on “Hanging Around!”

  1. She sells sea shell by the seashore, eh? (Although that wasn’t actually true; she was selling fossils…)

    You know, I just moved near a beach, and there are always plenty of shells (and some fossils) for me to collect. There’s a whole glass container in the bathroom filled with them. We’ve got all sorts of shells, like ones I’d only ever seen pictures of, rather than seeing them at the beach. They’re pretty cool.


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