Around The World – Without Going There!

Foreign Coins.
Some from another country, others, from another time!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Foreign

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  1. nice pics of rare coins :)

    1. :) Thank you :) Will probably explain about them some other time… There is a story behind at least one coin, which I would love to write about!

  2. There is a story behind the 1944 one pice coin. it was minted to mitigate the shortage of metal caused by diversion towards the war effort by the imperial government in India.

  3. Lovely! Do you collect coins?

    1. I had actually forgotten that I used to collect coins! While dusting a cupboard (Diwali cleaning!), I noticed a piggy bank that made some noise. I opened it, and there were these coins waiting to be put inside the album. :)

      I used to collect coins when I was very small. In fact, I don’t even remember when I started – maybe as a ten year old. Then it just died down – perhaps because the supply of coins ceased :) :D

  4. Had forgotten the 3 paisa coin! Keep them safe . You never know, they might appreciate very much in value, if they haven’t already :-)

  5. […] had posted some photographs of coins a few weeks back. One of my favourite bloggers, pointed out the scarcity of the three […]

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